Sierra Madre School

Camp Shi-ini


English Excursions 2017 Camp

All Inclusive / 所有包括: $5,800 (40,000 RMB)
WeChat / 微信: American_Teacher
Email / 邮箱: Paul@EE.CAMP

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Camp Includes:
• Roundtrip airfare from China
• All trip expenses
• Personal travelers insurance
• Group liability insurance
• Camp t-shirts and sweatshirts
• Professional camp staff

Camp Does Not Include:
• Passport and American visa fees
• Roundtrip transportation to Chinese airport
• Souvenirs or gifts
• Damage caused by your student

Camp Benefits:
• All Inclusive Cost (No Hidden Fees)
• Safety is our number one promise!
• 1 adult per 8 students
• All staff are professional camp counselors with comprehensive background checks.
• All host families and American chaperones have had comprehensive background checks.
• All staff are First Aid and CPR certified.
• All waterfront staff are lifeguard certified, as well.
• Professional Camp Software to keep track of students’ payment, personal, and medical information. This is easily accessible from anywhere for fast emergency response.

Requirements to Join the Camp:
• Students must be at least 7 years old by the first day of camp.
• Students should not have had their 18th birthday before the last day of camp.
• Students should be willing to attempt speaking in English at all times.
• Students should have a desired to show independence.
• Students should not have any disruptive behavior, such as fighting.
• Students should be open minded.
• All previous and current medical and behavioral information should be shared in the camp software prior to camp.

• 往返机票
• 所有旅行支出
• 个人旅行保险
• 集团责任保险
• 夏令营体恤运动衫
• 专业营地职员

• 护照和美国签证
• 往返到中国机场的费用
• 纪念品和礼物
• 由学生引起的损坏

• 统一价(没有隐藏收费)
• 安全第一位
• 每8个学生对1个成人
• 每六个学生对一 名老师/夏令营管理员
• 所有职员都是专业的夏令营管理员并且通过背景调查
• 所有职员都有急救和心肺复苏证书
• 所有水边职员都有救生资格证
• 专业的夏令营软件追踪学生的缴费,个人和医院信息。这样更容易从任何地方接受急救。

• 学生入营第一天必须满7岁
• 学生在入营最后一天不能满18岁
• 学生在所有时间都应尝试说英语
• 学生应渴望展现自己的独立
• 学生不能扰乱秩序,例如打架
• 学生应心胸开阔
• 所有以往和现行的医学和行为信息都应在夏令营之前分享到夏令营软件中。

Immunization records are required for ALL travelers.